Reacting to the Past at UGA Directors Naomi Norman and Chase Hagood manning the introduction table at the 2020 Winter Conference. Image courtesy of Tony Crider.

The University of Georgia is proud to host the annual Reacting to the Past Winter Conference! For the last four years, faculty members from across the Southeastern United States and beyond have gathered at the Georgia Center to discuss and explore purposeful strategies for maximizing Reacting’s potential for transformative student learning. 

At the Winter Conference, faculty members have the opportunity to test play new and old games, talk to undergraduate Peer Learning Assistants about their experiences, and meet in concurrent sessions to focus on specific issues related to the Reacting pedagogy. Whether you are considering using Reacting to the Past for the first time or are a veteran Reacting user, the Winter Conference is an excellent place to come together with your fellow faculty members to learn about this innovative, active-learning curriculum.

Explore below for the latest information on upcoming events and Winter Conferences as well as an archive of previous Reacting events at UGA.

*Note: As a founding member of the Reacting Consortium, Inc., all UGA faculty members enjoy the Reacting member rate for the Winter Conference!

Upcoming Events

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Previous Winter Conferences

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