Dr. Sarmiento discussing best practice techniques for implementing Reacting in his Environmental Science classes

Reacting to the Past is a high-impact, active-learning pedagogy with demonstrable, evidence-based deep learning outcomes. Developed at Barnard College, Reacting to the Past has since been implemented at colleges and universities throughout the United States. RTTP puts students at the center of the classroom through role-immersion games in which teachers assign students the roles of historical figures and factions from a particular moment in time, such as ancient Athens after the Peloponnesian War, the post-Revolutionary United States, and modern universities implementing Title IX reforms. Tasked with using persuasive writing and public speaking to accomplish their character and faction goals, students utilize relevant primary sources in order to understand their roles and formulate successful strategies in order to win. Designed and field-tested by experts, there are a wide variety of RTTP scenarios which have been used in history, classics, literature, religion, political science, and STEM courses.