Reacting to the Past has been the subject of numerous research projects which have found compelling data supporting the anecdotal impression of its positive impact on both students and faculty. We’ve summarized some of the data from those studies for you below. Take a look at our Quick Hits for snapshots of ways that Reacting to the Past has affected those who participate in it. Keep scrolling for our Deep Dives into more involved questions of how Reacting to the Past impacts student and faculty behaviors and perception.

This data was derived from a national survey designed by T. Chase Hagood and Naomi J. Norman. For further exploration of Reacting to the Past’s effectiveness, including more analysis from this survey, check out Playing to Learn with Reacting to the Past: Research on High Impact, Active Learning Practices. 

Quick Hits

Do you feel you learned the course content more deeply when you experienced RTTP in your course(s)?

Is content-coverage a problem when you use the RTTP pedagogy in your class?

Has the RTTP pedagogy affected how you learn?

Has the RTTP pedagogy affected how you teach?

Deep Dives

Student Data

Faculty Data