A UGA PLA and faculty from across the country participate in an RTTP game at the 2020 Winter Conference. Image courtesty of Tony Crider.

Reacting to the Past is an active-learning pedagogy that places students at the center of the classroom as they navigate intense, historically-informed, role immersion games to achieve victory. Whether you are a student, an instructor, or a PLA, Reacting to the Past requires engagement to be successful. This page is meant to help you maximize your engagement with Reacting so that you can maximize your enjoyment and learning!

Here you’ll find all of the information you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of Reacting to the Past. Find FAQs for students, ways to get involved as a PLAreactor, data on Reacting to the Past’s impact on students and teachers, and numerous other resources to aid you in your Reacting journey.

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Reacting to the Past is an innovative pedagogy designed to put students at the center of the classroom! This role immersion game asks you to put yourself in others’ shoes to navigate multi-faceted problems set in real historical situations. Whether you are interested in finding the best way to participate in a Reacting to the Past game at UGA, unsure of where to begin with your current Reacting game, or just want some tips on how to play Reacting better, you’ve come to the right place!

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 Reacting to the Past’s innovative pedagogy includes opportunities for undergraduate students to serve as Peer Learning Assistants. If you have experienced Reacting to the Past as a student and are looking for ways to stay connected to the program, consider volunteering as a PLAreactor! When you serve as a PLAreactor you provide important support to students and faculty as they integrate this material into their curriculum. Serving as a PLAreactor also fulfills UGA’s Experiential Learning requirement!

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Reacting to the Past’s innovative pedagogy would not be a success at UGA without robust faculty support! This active-learning curriculum has been shown to have a high impact on student growth and significant, deep-learning outcomes. Here you’ll find data on how Reacting impacts both teachers and students, as well as resources to guide your implementation of Reacting. If you’re new to Reacting to the Past, we’re happy to connect you with a veteran Reacting faculty member to help you through your first game.

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